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Over 20 years of entrepreneurial project development and management, academic design, professional leadership and instructional experience in the areas of cultural competence, behavioural change, communication and soft skills. Leading roles in the design and development of professional assessments and bridging programs for internationally educated professionals. In 2010 founded Fusion Global Education, providing consulting, development and training services on organizational and individual cultural competency and cross-cultural communication; research, design, development and delivery of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) processes, competency-based assessments, bridging and mentoring programs for internationally educated professionals; and, keynote presentations, training and instruction on cultural competency and cross-cultural communication.

Friday, 29 April 2011

FGE: Vision, Mission and Services

 Our Vision
 Talent without borders

Our Mission
We want to create a world where all talent is appreciated, recognized and utilized. Fusion Global Education is on a mission to integrate global talent wherever it goes. We believe that talent is the key; everything else can be adjusted. 

What We Do
v  We support educational, regulatory, professional and settlement organizations in the successful integration of international talent into the local workforce. 
v  We support employing organizations and institutions in the successful integration and optimization of their international talent.
v  We enhance organizational cultural competence
v  We support internationally-operating organizations in the successful integration of culturally-different working groups.

Our Services
v  Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL/PLAR) - Researching, designing, securing funding, developing and implementing onsite and online competency-based, demonstration-driven assessment tools.
v  Bridging programs - Researching, designing, securing funding, developing and implementing profession and occupation specific programs for international talent.
v  Culture-driven communication - Developing and delivering onsite, online and blended training programs that enhance culturally-infused language, communication, enabling/soft skills and leadership skills for international talent.
v  Organizational cultural intelligence - Developing and delivering tools and sustainable strategies that enhance organizational ability to thrive in global and multicultural environments.
v  Keynote speeches and workshops - Enhancement of organizational and sectoral awareness of the benefits of organizational cultural intelligence and the engagement and retention of international talent.